The Lightest Form of Flogging is a terrible podcast in which a casserole-loving baptist and a stodgy Presbyterian try to understand how they got to be the way they are.


The Lightest Form of Flogging

A podcast in which a stodgy Presbyterian and a casserole loving baptist discuss just how they got to be the way they are.

It’s not a theology podcast. It’s so much worse.



34: Boolean Cube


We kick things off by talking about sportsing. Good old sportsing. For our introduction, we play a game of “Did Jim Actually Say That in a Bible Study?” This is almost as much fun as it sounds.

For our main topic, Jim tries yet again to get at the root of why David is the way he is. Specifically, this time, we discuss the importance of having and teaching right theology. We also discuss why Jim seems to care about this less than David.

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