The Lightest Form of Flogging is a terrible podcast in which a casserole-loving baptist and a stodgy Presbyterian try to understand how they got to be the way they are.


The Lightest Form of Flogging

A podcast in which a stodgy Presbyterian and a casserole loving baptist discuss just how they got to be the way they are.

It’s not a theology podcast. It’s so much worse.



59: Tell Number Fifty-Nine


We kick things off with a rousing segment of Ask Bill Anything. And I have to say, this time, it’s all your fault. That’s right. It’s not our fault. It’s yours. You did this. Shame on you. Shame.

Moving past that disaster, we get into some follow up and then our main topic—which is emotions, mostly Jim’s because David wouldn’t know affect if it left him a voicemail. But it least it would have left him a voicemail. Thanks again.

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