The Lightest Form of Flogging is a terrible podcast in which a casserole-loving baptist and a stodgy Presbyterian try to understand how they got to be the way they are.


The Lightest Form of Flogging

A podcast in which a stodgy Presbyterian and a casserole loving baptist discuss just how they got to be the way they are.

It’s not a theology podcast. It’s so much worse.



26: Journaling New Calvinist


If you listen to this show, then it is quite likely that you have an above average capacity to inflict misery upon yourself. Perhaps you keep a journal of all the things that make you miserable, like listening to this show, following our instagram, or running around dog parks with bacon hanging out of your pockets and socks.

Whether this describes you, or whether you are a mere novice to misery, this episode will help you in your quest. Our main topic is Seven Ways to Maximize Misery. But before we get into that, Jim quizzes David on The Lord of the Rings movies.

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