The Lightest Form of Flogging is a terrible podcast in which a casserole-loving baptist and a stodgy Presbyterian try to understand how they got to be the way they are.


The Lightest Form of Flogging

A podcast in which a stodgy Presbyterian and a casserole loving baptist discuss just how they got to be the way they are.

It’s not a theology podcast. It’s so much worse.



9: That’s Your Hillsong


David kicks things off by bamboozling Jim and then reading some confessions, not the theological kind. They also talk a little bit about kidney stones, because those are kind of a big deal.

For the main topic, once we get past Jim’s subtle drug references, we discuss Jim’s relation to confessions, the theological kind. Specifically, our topic is confessoinalism. We attempt to define it, we discuss Jim’s affinity for confessions despite not having one, talk about what sorts of things he thinks should go into one, and of course get severely distracted along the way.

In the after show, we discuss Eternal Functional Subordination and Eternal Generation because of some things that come up during the main segment that we thought needed to be clarified.

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